Thursday, April 23, 2009

Guitar Music

Isisip's Guitar Music

Guitar Music composed and played by isisip!
isisip: Most of my music features the piano. Something you may not know is that when I was a teenager, I was in love with the guitar and I made two recordings at that time. I composed and improvised on the guitar, the names of the pieces are "Starry Night" and "Baroque Finale". Both are my original compositions.

"Starry night" is the perfect soundtrack when you look up to the sky at night, seeing countless stars, the milky way, the beautiful and mysterious starry night that takes your breath away.

At the time I was learning about music recording and was lucky to have access to some really professional mixing consoles and audio equipment, therefore the sound quality of these two tracks is excellent.

I am glad I still have them with me because I no longer play the guitar. The guitar that I played on these recordings was a Gibson Les Paul Special and you can see it from the photo below. I really love the music and it brings back both good and bad memories, hope you will like them too.

Starry Night: total length is 5 minutes 57 seconds

Baroque Finale: total length is 1 minute 53 seconds

These two guitar tracks are included on the "Memories" album.

Track list of the "Memories" album:

1. Eternal beauty piano version
2. Eternal beauty piano and violin version
3. Waltz of the flowers
4. Rainbow memories
5. The lotus flower dance (extended version of the lotus flower)
6. The lotus flower remix
7. Starry Night - guitar music
8. Baroque Finale - guitar music
9. Desert night dance music
10. Myth - horror film music
11. Blues piano improvisation (audio from the blues piano improvisation video on youtube, without the background noise!)
12. Dutch's blues (audio from the Dutch's blues video on youtube)

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Youtube preview of "Starry Night":